Monday, 11 March 2013

Harvest Monday - 11 March 2013

Summer doesn't seem to want to leave but I would happily say goodbye. This past week the temperature has been over 29 degrees every day. I'm personally over it, it was great while it lasted but bring on the autumn weather.
I don't have a lot of summer veggies left but what I do have is loving the heat. Above are Serrano Chillies - quite hot but have an almost vinegary tang which I like.
Still have plenty of capsicums and even though my cucumber is covered in powdery mildew its pumping out the cukes.
A lovely Marconi, I roasted a bunch of capsicums I had in the fridge over the weekend to freeze for later use.
Rosa Bianca - so pretty, productive too. The ones below are off the same bush.
I roasted these on the bbq until soft and made a big batch of Baba Ganoush, I ate quite a bit and froze the rest for later use.
The 'Wrinkled from Friuli' Zucchini. She an't pretty but she is firm and delicious, no soggy Zucchini here!
Lastly a selection of a few pumpkins from the garden.

Thanks to Daphne's Dandelions for hosting this awesome blog hop.


  1. Oh your produce is very beautiful. Lovely range of capsicums and chillies and beautiful eggplants. I too am over summer, bring on the cooler weather!

    1. Thanks so much - I think we have a cool change coming through tomorrow and it couldn't come sooner!

  2. Ah, fresh peppers are just a memory now. Yours are lovely. I bet they like the heat. All your veggies look great.

    1. It will be your turn for pepper soon enough, I will be saying the same to you once we reach our miserable winter.

  3. Man, I *love* eggplants. I sure hope mine will grow this year. I have had a world of trouble with the seeds. This is the fourth time I have planted the seeds. I think (hope) this time it will work.

    Great harvest. It always makes me happy to see people's harvest from across the world. You guys are having the crops I want. :)