Sunday, 7 April 2013

Harvest Monday - 8 April 2013

Autumn has well and truly hit, after the long hot summer we had I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures and a bit more rain. I have had a hectic few weeks, 5 short weeks actually which doesn't sound hectic but due to the nature of my job 5 short weeks make for a very stressful work week. I was also lucky enough to catch the flu and was in bed for most of the Easter long weekend - I did get a lot of reading done which was pretty great. Any-who, on to the harvests.

With the cooler weather I finally have salad greens again! My garden is so open and has sun for over 10hrs in summer so I haven't been able to grow anything in the salad green category since November.
A lovely basket of rocket and Salad bowl lettuce that was taken to a friends house for dinner and shared with yummy Snapper pie.

Thinning's from my carrots and a lone beetroot that popped up.

My girls are happy with the daily bunches of silver beet they get, devouring them faster than I thought possible.

and in exchange for the leafy greens they provide me with beautiful eggs with the brightest orange yolks I have ever seen.

I cut out a few of my basil plants to make way for some more autumn plantings. This lot will go into some pesto for freezing.

And lastly I just wanted to show you a picture of my brassicas under my new Veggienet, above is 1 week ago.
And today - the growth and health of the plants is amazing. My cabbages outside the net are suffering from cabbage whitefly and in turn there larvae which I thought were aphids to begin with, not the cabbages under the net though they are healthy and pest free. One week, I can't believe the growth!

Tahnks again to Daphne of Daphnes Dandelions for hosting the Harvest Monday blog hop. 


  1. That veggie net looks marvelous. I've only just put my brassicas in but I've seen lots of cabbage moths about.

    1. I have had heaps of eggs on the cabbage I have outside the net, so I'm out squashing them daily. The net is amazing - not only does it protect from the cabbage whites but from the fierce winds we get over Autumn and Winter.

  2. Harvests look great. You must be really pleased with that veggie net, but what are the orange thingys?

    1. I love the net, those orange thingys were and expensive and failed attempt to build a bamboo cage, I don't know why I bothered the pvc pipe work fine.

  3. Wow, it is amazing the difference a week made! The veggie nets look to be a very effective method of protecting the plants without blocking the light. Such lovely eggs. And the veggies too.