Sunday, 21 April 2013

Harvest Monday - 22 April 2013

This year is going so fast and we are already feeling the cold of winter creeping up on us. The temperature on Phillip Island has been ranging from 10-19 degrees(50 - 60 Fahrenheit), I know people suffer in much colder climates but to me its still cold. Even so my garden is looking pretty happy.
My harvests have been very green, above is a new to me variety of Silver beet. The midribs on this variety are huge - I can see why the advertise it as being good for silver beet stalk gratin.
I'm still getting a few capsicums here and there, I have a huge Marconi plant that I'm going to leave in the ground to see how it goes.
I pulled a few black radishes to make some space, I have been stir frying these with garlic, ginger, soy and chilli - its a great way to bulk up veggie dinners.

Lots of green - spinach, lettuce, rocket and silver beet. And I'm loving having these back in rotation.
My chickens are still laying away, I hope they don't go in to moult this season, so soon after they started laying.
My brassica bed it growing strongly, although a industrious cabbage white somehow found its way in laid a bunch of eggs and escaped.
And in future harvest's - Peas. I have never had much luck with Pea's but I gave it another go this year. This is a dwarf American Gem, I also have two climbing varieties - Telephone and Purple podded Dutch. They seem to be growing very slowly.

What's growing in your garden at the moment?


  1. I think its cold too. Your peas are more advanced them mine. Although mine are already bigger than they got last year. I reckon the hot weather this summer killed off more slugs and snails than last year which has helped my pea plants no end.

  2. Great harvest, that silverbeet looks HUGE. The brassicas are looking great,hope that darned cabbage moth got her comeuppance.

  3. Your silverbeet is a beauty. That really is a thick stalk on it. I really love silverbeet/swiss chard as it produces so well and for so long in our garden. Now if I can only keep my hens from sneaking into it lately.

  4. Looks great. As for the Red Kuri - I have a few sown this year. I can't WAIT for them... wondering if the kids will just think of them as baby pumpkins.LOL.

  5. We had our first real cold night last week, down to 2C ! the winter woollies have been unpacked and gumboots ready.
    Wow thats certainly impressive silverbeet ! and your brassicas look great too. Yey for lettuce and rocket my favorites too!

  6. I love your bunch of eggs! Lovely. Peas can be quite difficult in the fall around here. Not sure how different it is where you are. I tried to extent them with a cover last fall, and it just didn't quite extend them long enough at all. Hope you get a good harvest out of yours.