Sunday, 24 February 2013

Harvest Monday - 25 February 2013

Two of my raised gardens are bare at the moment, my main bed of tomatoes is gone and the pumpkins went as they were badly suffering powdery mildew and I couldn't stand the sight of them any longer. I also had to get rid of my faithful Costata Romanesco Zucchini - in the month of January alone the one plant produced over 10 kilos. I have a back up Zucchini Rugosa friulana that flowered yesterday so out came the Costata. Im also going to start spraying with a bicarb mixture just to prevent PM forming on any more of my curcubits. 

You can see a few of the Costata's in the back of this picture, theses are very small as the plant was on its last legs. The Biet Alpha cucumber is back producing buckets of yummy cukes, although it is battling powdery mildew too. Those little round zucchini came off aTondo di piancenza.
A very green harvest, the first cutting of "round" Spinach and baby rocket made a lovely salad.
It was also the week of the Capsicum, here is a small selection of what ripened up in the past 7 days. The plants are still loaded and I may have to roast and freeze some of the excess.
A terrible photo of Eva Purple Ball tomatoes and chills. Apologies for the quality.

Heres a final shot of part of my only raised garden with things growing in it. In the front is rainbow chard to the right is Red Marconi peppers and Long Purple Eggplants behind.

I hope everyones gardens are growing well and are surviving the heat or crazy weather in Australia or the cold if you are in the Norther Hemisphere.


  1. My lemon cucumber has powdery mildew all over it too - I'm trying to convince myself it kind of looks like snow, but it doesn't really. Those round zucchinis are interesting. Are they good to cook with?

  2. I love the shape of the peppers. I also had some problem with PM on cucumbers - destroyed everything. I'm hoping I'll have better luck next time. Beautiful harvest.

  3. What a beautiful harvest! It's so much fun seeing what people are growing, half a world away.

  4. To have fresh zucchini and peppers would be heaven. We are far away from anything but frozen versions of those items.