Friday, 15 June 2012

Garden Goodness

I wandered out to the garden with Tux this morning to plant a few onion seedlings (rossa lunga di Firenze, from the Italian Gardener if your interested) into the spot I had prepared for them last week. But after I planted those out I pottered around the garden and came inside with this haul.
A very funky looking Violet Sicilian Cauliflower to the right,  diakon radish,  a mix of heirloom beetroots,  Gem Cos and some beautiful salad greens including mizuna, baby spinach and baby Bok Choy (you will see where that went in a second). We'll be having delicious home made hamburgers tonight with the below buns, made from my recipe for no knead bread and will include some yummy roast beetroot and that little Gem Cos. I'll probably make a salad with the baby spinach and Mizuna that will include roasted almonds and a lemon and white wine vinaigrette, yum! Roughly worked out, if had bought this from the supermarket it would be around $11.00 and most of it would have been soggy and limp. 
And below is my lunch Mizo soup made with the Diakon radish and Baby Bok Choy, its was good.

In addition to gathering all the goodness from my garden, I ripped out 3 cauliflower plants that were finished and need to go out and plant some seeds maybe some dwarf snap peas or some gigante d'inverno Spinach, decisions, decisions.

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